6 Basic Components Of A Computer



The motherboard or main board is the central circuit board of the entire computer. All other board and computer components connect into the motherboard, hence it’s name. The motherboard is the most important piece of hardware in your computer, not that other parts aren’t important, but rather your motherboard should be high quality if you’re building your own computer and it needs to be ready to handle any future upgrades. This is an advantage when building your own computer.

When you buy a pre-built unit from the store you can’t really control the quality of the motherboard, you just hope the manufacture is shipping packages of quality parts. If your motherboard is more on the low-end, you might end up buying an awesome video card for gaming only to find out your motherboard isn’t built to gaming standards or the card you purchased.

Processor (CPU)

The processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brains of the computer. For the most part it is the chip that all processing goes through. The CPU is also a very delicate part of the computer and you should not remove it unless you know what you are doing. Damaging one of the hundreds of pins on the chip can destroy the CPU permanently. The faster your CPU the faster your computer can process data.

CPU’s have two important factors, speed or frequency and cores. Frequency is the speed of the CPU.  Think of it as the speed limit on a highway… the higher the limit the faster it can go. Cores can be thought of as lanes of a highway, if a CPU has 4 cores think of it as a 4 lane highway, it can do more things at once. Both of these are important.

Memory (RAM)

RAM or Memory is the component on your computer that temporarily stores information that you are working on. When you load a program or open anything on your computer it is stored in the RAM until you close it. RAM can be a quick and affordable upgrade to your computer. More RAM means more space for your computer to run more programs, if your RAM fills up, your computer is forced to put information back onto the hard drive’s virtual memory which makes it slower.

If your computer has less than 2GB of RAM you should upgrade right away. If you’re doing gaming,   working on an ecommerce solution or multi-tasking you should have 4-8GB of RAM and if you are doing high-end gaming or video editing 16GB would probably be helpful.

Hard Drive (Storage)

Hard Drive Storage is where all of your files and folders are stored. When you save or install something it goes onto your hard drive. Most hard drives are magnetic type storage devices and use disk platters to store information as this type of storage is affordable and most commonly found in a computer. However new types of storage called SSD or Solid State Drive is becoming more popular with those wanting faster performance. A SSD can run 10 times faster than a standard magnetic drive. This reduces the time it takes to load a program and for your computer to start up.

Many people believe that if you have a lot of stuff on your hard drive that your computer will slow down, this is not entirely true. Your hard drive is made to store lots of information up to it’s capacity. You can easily see how much space you are using by clicking Start > Computer or My Computer > right click on a drive under Hard Disk Drives and click Properties. There are 3 ways a full hard drive could slow down your computer.

First you need to defrag your hard drive once a week, if you use Windows 7 or higher it should be done automatically. If you use Windows XP then you would need to run it manually or schedule it weekly. To open Disk Defrag go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defrag. Second, if your hard drive is old it can begin to weaken and slow down slightly and Third, if your drive is completely full you could encounter slow downs as the drive will lack space being used by the Operating System. Windows 7 will alert you of this by showing a red bar under the drive.

Video Card

The Video card is very importance depending on what you are doing. It is the device that processes all the graphics on your computer. Most computers will use on-board video graphics which share the computer’s CPU and RAM to process graphics. This is fine for normal everyday use and you’ll probably not even notice any issues. However, if you intend on doing gaming or video editing you may want to look into getting an add-on Video Card to give dedicated power and performance to graphics, especially when it comes to 3D graphics.

Power Supply

Last but certainly not least is the power supply. The power supply does exactly what the name implies… supplies power. It coverts the voltage from a power outlet into usable 12V power for your computer components. When building your own computer be sure not to buy the cheapest power supply, you should look for something that is 80 PLUS certified. This ensures that your computer components will get clean and safe power, which will help computer function and avoid damage to components.

Set Up Satellite TV For PC Laptop


Have you at any time thought regarding Satellite internet TV for PC? It’s speedily creating a enormous buzz close to the world wide web; and folks are beginning to notice that they have the power to watch whatever, wherever, whenever they want. It’s a great technological innovation that permits people today to view literally hundreds upon countless numbers of stations from around the world – all to one place; his or her pc/laptop.

This engineering was developed by individuals who saw a need in society, who were able to put many issues together and produce an extraordinary product or service that gives folks the skill to enjoy themselves in the comfort of their own office by observing Dwell streaming broadcasts on the tv.

People are continuously operating around attempting to shell out 90$ or even additional on Cable Service, having difficulties to pay for pay-per-view tv, and tons of other pointless fees. Live TV is an arm and a leg and they still cost for extra channels! The monthly dent Cable tv places in your pockets – some people basically are not able to pay for it.

The best point about Satellite tv is that it is a cost effective option to the monthly fees that a lot of men and women at the moment pay. In actuality, Satellite TV for PC is the accurate substitute because there is no month-to-month fee! Just unlimited streaming broadcasts straight to the PC.

Placing Up Satellite tv for pc TV for PC

Establishing up Satellite tv for pc TV for PC is actually a simple procedure that even a caveman could do. All you have to do is come across a store or rep on the web and basically obtain the software from the internet site – and install the plan on your computer. The set up is virtually instant, as it only will take 2-5 mins on most computers; particularly if you are making use of a broadband web link for it. All you have to do is observe the uncomplicated guidelines that are supplied for you.

You additionally want to ensure that you have the minimal requirements. You want to make sure that you computer and monitor can keep at least 16 bit colour scheme, have the potential to watch a motion picture all the way through go to a Youtube movie web site and watch a video clip – if it functions then you can be capable to use the computer software. You wish to guarantee that you have at lowest Windows ‘95 and at the bare minimum a Pentium 3 processor, more aged variations may have a challenging time functioning or may not work at all.

Paddy Zhang is a substantial fan of viewing online TV on the PC. 3500 Stay streaming Channels straight to your computer. Satellite tv for pc TV for PC can be immediately on yours immediately after a simple obtain. No cables, messy wires, or month-to-month fees are expected to appreciate Satellite TV for PC.

Refurbished Laptops – Poor Quality Technology – True Or False


About the buying of the refurbished laptops mostly people think that it has a poor quality and that is incorrect information about it. That is as a new brand laptop because refurbished laptops and desktop computers re-engineering and re-tested to match the same manufacturing standards as new ones. Refurbished laptops and desktop computers can save your money and give the quality can be the same as a brand new one that’s why its are well suited and fulfill the needs of any business company.

There are a lot of companies that focus their entire business on reselling reconditioned and second hand desktop computers. A basic definition of a refurbished laptop is chiefly a second hand computer that has been repaired, cleaned and restored to its original condition. It is important to purchase a reconditioned laptop that offers a full warranty covering every aspect of the computer. They collect different brands of computers so that they can present the client the brand they have a preference a lot of the popular name-brand companies have also on the go to take returned or traded-in laptops and renovated them.

Refurbished laptops are can be carried with you everywhere you go, in the car, on a plane and are great for using in business because they are portable and light and very small, making them perfect for people on the move. They are suitable for both adults and children and are great for educational purposes as they can be taken anywhere and used in any place where there is a Wi-Fi connection and refurbished laptops are speedily gaining attractiveness. The warranty covers all likely damages that can occur, as well as the replacement services for the components. There are quite a few brands to prefer from such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Apple, Lenovo and they all offer a full warranty.

Do not confuse the words cheap laptops with the words poor quality computer. There is a big difference. Just because they cost less money it doesn’t mean that the quality is lower. They have been restored and have the same specification as the new ones. The attractive price of the refurbished desktop computers makes them a good option for any business. Desktop computers can be refurbished because this will not impact on the quality of the job, and most business computers need only the necessary programs for communication and organization.

By the refurbished laptops as business computers will decrease their expenses but not the excellence of the computer. Because most of the companies are spend a lot of money on technology of the computers, printers, scanners and much more.